Climate Change and Policy Issues

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Climate Change and Policy Issues


Recent Submissions

  • Feddema, Johannes; Freire, Sergio (nter-Research, 2001-08-15)
    ABSTRACT A water balance model is used to assess the relative impacts of global warming and soil degradation scenarios on water resources in the future. Results indicate that overall global warming will have a more ...
  • Government of Tanzania (2017-09-18)
    Climate change is now a global issue posing challenges to the survival of mankind and sustainable development. The adverse impacts of climate change are now evident almost everywhere. It poses a serious risk ...
  • Daly, M.E.; Yanda, P Z.; West, J.J. (CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research-Oslo, 2015-05)
    This report is an output of the Global Framework for Climate Services Adaptation Programme in Africa. The goal of the report is to: 1) assess the extent to which climate change concerns have been integrated or mainstreamed ...
  • Mboya, S. (Sokoine University of Agriculture, 2015)
    This study aimed at analyzing policy implications to smallholder farmer's adaptation to climate and livelihood change along Pangani river basin specifically in Korogwe district. The study intended to fill the knowledge ...
  • Yanda, P.; Bird, N. (Overseas Development Institute (ODI), 2015-06)
    International publicly-sourced climate finance is not being consistently reported in Tanzania, partly caused by the challenge of classifying such expenditure. Communication within the government administration, and between ...

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